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Greeting head of SI "MIUC of St. Petersburg", Ph.D., professor, academician of RANS Ivan Feklistov

At the present stage the main goal of Russia's policy in education, science and technology is the transition to innovative development. This applies to every Russian organization, including to the Inter-University campus in St. Petersburg.
Today, innovation is presented on campus, primarily as a collection of many types of work on the creation and dissemination of innovations. Therefore, speaking about the present and the prospects of Intercollegiate campus, we associate them with the developed administration and student council of the town of innovative development program for 2006-2010 MSG. The program includes a number of promising basic sections and provisions on the basis of which the activities of the administration of all personnel serving high-rise buildings of the campus is becoming more clear and targeted forms. The very structure of the program focuses on the sense of urgency, first-class planned activities. First of all, the staff of the CGM is aiming at ensuring the safety of residence students.
It is worth to complex problems associated with the organization in the CGM educational, sporting, cultural and recreational work.
Of course, an important place in the program on creating the conditions for self-study and self-education students, as well as the development of integration ties with industrial and academic organizations and the creation of the Innovation Institute for Continuing Professional Education.
Considerable attention is focused on actual problems of development of material-technical base of campus.
Federal Agency for Education allocated a whole lot of money for these purposes, the maintenance, support and development of the campus. And this is taken with gratitude, because the modern sector of the campus is very big. It is no accident that today, MSG can personally see and feel is very significant innovative change and transformation.
Attention and assistance from the campus of the Council of Rectors of St. Petersburg, especially its chairman, Professor VN Vassiliev - the rector of St. Petersburg GUITMO, chairman of the Committee on Science and Higher School of Saint-Petersburg, A. Maximov, as well as the administration of the Moscow district in whose territory it is located, its head Vladimir Korovin not only contribute to a significant improvement in well-being and physical health of students living here, but also have a positive impact on their education at universities, for the surrender of tests and examinations. This, in fact, today directed the implementation of innovative programs Intercollegiate campus, and activities, and attention to his administration and staff.



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