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About St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is located at the eastern apex of the Gulf of Finland (an arm of the Baltic Sea).


   The geographical coordinates of the city center are 59°57' north and 30°19' east. Situated at the junction of sea, river and land-based routes, St. Petersburg is Russia’s gateway to Europe, its strategic center closest to the countries of the European Community.
Inland waters occupy about 10% of the city area. The total area of the city (together with territories under municipal jurisdiction) amounts to 1439 km2.


 The city population amounts to 5.000 thousand people (Petrostat data as of january 1, 2011). St. Petersburg is the second largest city of the Russian Federation (after Moscow) and the fourth in Europe (after Moscow, Paris, and London).


 St. Petersburg is the administrative center of the Northwest Federal district of Russia; it has a considerable potential of natural resources, highly developed industry, dense transportation network and it links the Russian Federation with the world via sea ports in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Ocean.

The city is the seat of:
   • The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation;
   • Territorial offices of federal ministries and agencies;
   • Representative offices of 23 constituent entities and 3 cities of Russian Federation;
   • 59 consulate institutions of foreign countries and international organizations;
   • Representative offices of international organizations:
      the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of CIS,
      the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,
      the Eurasian Development Bank,
      the Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers,
      representative offices of international funds and unions, UN organizations;
   • Branch offices of international cultural institutions: the German Goethe Institute, the French Institute, the Institute of Finland, the Dutch Institute, the Danish Institute of Culture, the Israeli Cultural Center, and the Italian Institute of Culture;
   • Representative offices of the cities of Stockholm and Helsinki;
   • Chambers of commerce and business centers of foreign countries.


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