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Admission to study at St.Petersburg Universities

Coming to Russia Under the laws of Russia, foreign students wishing to come to Russia to study for higher education need a "Student Visa" – an entry visa that states higher education as the purpose of entry and specifies the institution of study.

To obtain such a visa, the student’s institution of choice must seek an official letter of invitation for the student from the Foreign Ministry of Russia. But before the institution can apply for the invitation, it needs to have all the requisite submissions from the student, including (but not limited to) a certificate of full secondary education.A foreign student may wish to pay for his or her education independently, or find out if they qualify for financial support from the government.

A foreign student wishing to enroll in a government-subsidized course is to petition the Education Ministry of his or her home country or the International Cooperation Center. If the student’s petition is granted and the Russian government agrees to subsidize his or her study at a Russian higher education institution, the student will be issued an invitation letter that will help obtain a Russian entry visa.

A foreign student wishing to pay for their own education in Russia or St. Petersburg is required to contact the institution of their choice directly with an application letter containing their personal information, and all the other submissions required by the institution. Having received all the required submissions, the institution will secure an invitation and a student visa for the student.

Upon arrival in Russia, the student will be asked to sign a contract with the institution and submit their passport with visa for registration. These procedures have to be completed within three days from the date of crossing the Russian border. A few days later, the students will receive their passport with registration stamp at the institution’s international admissions office.


Admission to study

Admission Tests:

To enroll in a Russian higher education institution, a foreign student will be asked to pass an admission test, exam or interview.

Admissions to short-term courses are usually subject to the procedures established by the partner institution or host institution. When there is no competition, the institution may waive admission tests, provided that the candidate has furnished all the requisite qualifications required by Russian higher education institutions.
Foreign nationals enrolling in degree programs are always required to take an admission test, and its results will determine their chances of enrolment.

When a foreign national has completed a state foundation course recognized by the Russian Ministry of Education, his or her course exam results may exempt them from admission tests to another Russian higher education institution.

A foreign national enrolled in a Russian HEI may transfer to another higher education institution.

Transfer requests should be addressed to the institution management or student affairs office.

Russian higher education institutions do not offer foreign students the option of combining study with gainful employment.


Presentation for International students

Presentation for International students. Admission.

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