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 The documents on education received in the Russian Federation at their export abroad in order to use them in the foreign country should be registered in the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Rosobrnadzor). apostilleThe original documents on education are presented in order to pass a registration procedure in accordance with the Hague Convention dated October 5, 1961. The result of this juridical act is the apostille, which is attached like the notarial attachment and looks like the following:

The registration number is written down in the apostille item 8 and given only once. At application to the Rosobrnadzor from any country of the world the authenticity of this document is checked and affirmed in the name of the Russian Federation.
The procedure of apostille execution

Apostille in the state documents on education and the academic rank is the international standard form of filling in the data on the document legality for presenting in any country-participant of the Hague Convention 1961 (including Russia) as well as the countries acknowledging this legalization form.


The procedure of preparing documents on education for the international acknowledging using apostille consists of 3 stages:
Stage 1. The authenticity checkup of the state form of the document on education or the academic rank.
1.1 The state document checkup according to the indication list of the GOZNAK
1.2 The authenticity checkup according to the number and year of printing by the GOZNAK printing plant.
1.3 Checkup of the educational establishment for the legality of its right to issue this document

Stage 2. The checkup of legality of receipt of the form on the state education and academic rank.
2.1 The checkup of reality of studies in the given educational establishment by the form inquiry - report.
2.2 The checkup of legal admission for studies, training and handing of the document on education qualification or the academic rank
2.3 The checkup of term of studies and conferment of qualification in accordance with the All-Russian Classifier (the State Standard of the Russian Federation - GOST RF).

Stage 3. The legality of the seal and sign on the document on education or the academic rank.
3.1 The checkup of the seal stamp for their compliance with the State Standard of the Russian Federation, the Basic State Registration Number (OGRN), national symbol and the Ministry property.
3.2 The checkup of the power of those who signed the document on education or the academic rank.


According to the results of the checkup the registration in the database of the Federal Inspectorate Service for Education and Science of Russia (Rosobrnadzor) is carried out, the ordinary single registration number is given in order to provide the authenticity acknowledgement of the documents in every country of the world (including Russia).

The given registration number is recorded to the international standard template "APOSTILLE".



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