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Students from the USA came to VSUES to study Russian
Students from the USA came to VSUES to study Russian Students from the USA will study the Russian language in VSUES during 10 weeks. Some of them will also attend the Russian Far East Study course. At present five students proceeded their studies. Two more students will come to VSUES in the end of the month. Some of them will live in a dormitory, others will have accommodation in families according to the program of Homestaу.
VSUES International Relations Department organized a special adaptation program for the students. They were taken on an excursion throughout the VSUES territory and shown the university infrastructure: classrooms, museum, dormitories, sport complex, library, theatre and concert complex. The next day the American students were invited to have a sightseeing excursion of Vladivostok city.
Teachers of School of foreign languages will apply individual approach to each student. - It is not easy for the students to get accustomed to life in a foreign country and to the Russian speech that they are constantly surrounded with, because it is the first visit to Russia for all of them. However, in spite of the difficulties, they are putting efforts to study well. They are very open and friendly in communication. The most important is that they like our Russian language, - said chief of the department of the Russian language Yuliya Konovalova.
An interesting education program has been prepared for the students. In the process of learning they will not only study complicated cases of the Russian grammar, read interesting literature about Russia and Russian people, get acquainted with nature and history of our country, learn the rules to write letters in Russian correctly, but also practice traditional Russian crafts. Hilary Cooksley, Mark Niegelsky, Stephany Leonard, Tadhg Fendt and Eric Charles live in different states of America, but they all have been united by their love of the Russian language and a desire to know it better.
Mark Niegelsky is a 4-year student of the University of North Carolina. His future profession is connected with international relations and implies knowledge of several foreign languages. According to Mark, he got an interest in the Russian language after reading a novel "The Master and Margarita" by Michail Bulgakov. Stephany Leonard came to Vladivostok in order to learn more about the Russian culture and to improve her language knowledge. The girl studies at the faculty of the Russian language in the St. Olaf college.
According to Stephany, the Russian language is very beautiful, but quite difficult for learning. Hilary Cooksley plans to be a teacher of geography after she graduates from the university. Just as Mark Niegelsky, she likes works of Michail Bulgakov and Russian classic music. The American students mentioned that VSUES students help them to get better acquainted with the university, with our city and peculiarities of our country. After their language training is over they will not stop at the results achieved, but they plan to continue to study the Russian language. Source: VSUES